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Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans North Carolina by IBA

Looking for Affordable Group health insurance plan in North Carolina? The Independent Benefit Advisors is a leading group health insurance company in North Carolina offers various types of affordable health insurance plans as per group and requirement. For more information you can call us at (91…

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Group Health Insurance and Benefits in NC

Independent Benefit Advisors (IBA) can help you with a large range of group health insurance and group benefit options, including: Small Groups 2-49, Medium Groups 50-249, Large Groups 250+, Group Dental, Group Life, Group Disability, Worksite Benefits and Long-Term Care. We offer companies serv…

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Large, Medium, & Small Group Health Insurance NC

As an employer in you want to ensure that those working for you have the best group health insurance Greensboro NC has to offer. At the same time, you need to ensure that your group health insurance NC plan doesn’t break the bank. The Independent Benefit Advisors can help find affordable group h…

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Affordable Small Business Health Insurance Plans Greensboro NC

Are you an employer of 2-49 individuals in need of affordable small business health insurance Greensboro NC? The Independent Benefit Advisors are here for you with affordable group health insurance plans Greensboro NC. As a partner with most major insurance carriers, Independent Benefit Advisors w…

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Affordable & Best Group Benefits Plans in Wilmington NC

Finding the best affordable group benefit plans in Wilmington NC for your company’s needs and budget can be difficult. With the variety of group health insurance Wilmington NC options available, finding the right employee health insurance plan can be a task. Read More.

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Employee and Group Health Plan Coverage in Wake Forest NC

As the owner of a business in Wake Forest, you face an important task: Finding the right coverage for your employees to provide competitive  coverage they need while remaining profitable. At Independent Benefit Advisors, we aren’t just trying to make a sale. Our goal is to help you find the cust…

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Employee Benefit Plans In Durham NC

Selecting a group benefit plan for your business can is an important task and you want to make sure that your Durham, NC employees’ needs are met. Whether you currently have a provider or are in need of group benefits, Independent Benefit Advisors is here for you and your business needs. We are …

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Employee Benefit & Group Health Insurance Packages in Greensboro NC

When you select an employee benefit package for your company in Greensboro, NC, you want to ensure that the needs of all of the employees are met. Independent Benefit Advisors is here for you if you are searching for group benefit plans or want to compare with a plan already in place. Click to R…

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Group Benefit Health Plans for Employees in Cary NC

Trying to determine the needs for your business group benefit health plans can be difficult. Whether you already have a provider or are searching for group benefits, you want to ensure your employees needs are being met. If your business is in Cary, NC, Independent Benefit Advisors can help.  We…

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Employer Healthcare Plan Offerings in Apex NC

The professionals at Independent Benefit Advisors can help you provide the perfect health care and group benefit plans to your employees. Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large business in Apex, NC, we have the solutions for group benefit plans that you need. We will help you find the best…

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Employee Benefit Plans In Charlotte NC

If you are a small to large sized business owner in Charlotte, NC, it can be tricky to figure out the right group health benefit plans that you need for your employees. Even if you already have a group benefit provider, how do you know if the plans you have are sufficiently meeting the needs of …

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Individual Vision Benefits - Independent Benefit Advisors

We offer 3 eye care plans from Superior Vision:

The Essential Vision Plan (Starting at 12.71/mo)
The Classic Vision Plan (Starting at 15.49/mo)
The Premier Vision Plan (Starting at 18.01/mo)

Find out which vision benefit plan is right for you!

Independent Benefit Advisors, in North Ca…

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Individual Dental Plans in NC

One of the most common needs we find among our clients is a need for good dental coverage. A visit to the dentist can be expensive without insurance, but not going to the dentist can cause an immense amount of discomfort and pain. We believe that money shouldn’t be a limiting factor between people a…

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Large Group Health Insurance - North Carolina

Companies with more than 250 employees are considered large groups and are subject to complex health insurance laws. Independent Benefit Advisors will assist your company in the complex and changing employee health insurance environment. As a recognized leader in employee benefit management, we …

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Small Group Health Insurance NC

Small employers are generally defined as having fewer than 50 employees. Health insurance regulations for small businesses, ranging 15-50 employees, are different than those for large employers. We provide expertise and service enabling your company to meet your employee benefit goals. We are your …

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Group Health Insurance for Medium-Sized Employers in North Carolina

Companies that have between 50 and 249 employees are considered medium groups and are subject to complex health insurance laws different than those for small employers. Independent Benefit Advisors will assist your company in the complex and changing employee health insurance environment. As a r…

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Medicare Supplement Plan North Carolina

Independent Benefit Advisors is here to provide you Medicare Supplement at Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte North Carolina. North Carolina Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, is available for purchase from private insurance companies.

These Medicare supplement in NC cover some or …

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Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits in NC

The evolution of group benefits plan design, Federal, State, and Department of Insurance mandates, taxation and the declining competition amongst health insurance carriers, and escalating healthcare cost have resulted in an increasing challenge to human resource management. Further challenges result…

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Medicare Advantage Plans in NC

Medicare Advantage Plans in NC, or Medicare Part C are offered through private insurance companies. North Carolina Medicare Advantage plans are contracted through Medicare and provide hospital, medical, and prescription drug benefits to users. Unlike most Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantag…

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