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The Independent Benefit Advisors are here to listen and help you find the right group health insurance plan for your small, mid-size, or large company that is headquartered in NC. We serve the entire state including, but not limited to: Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, Asheville, Fayetteville, and everywhere in between. Contact us today on (919) 303-9690 to find out how we can help make self-design Small Group Health Insurance Plans NC benefits uncomplicated and straightforward for your company.

Best Group Health Insurance Plans NC for You and Your Family!

Choosing the right group health insurance plans NC is Unique for every situation. The Independent Benefit Advisors, serving Raleigh & the Triangle, Charlotte, and ALL of North Carolina can help determine the plan that is best for YOUR situation. For more information you can call us at (919) 303-9690 Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM or visit us at

Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans Wilmington NC by IBA

Independent Benefit Advisors has been helping families and businesses located in the Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro and Cary, NC area and other North Carolina locations find the right health insurance coverage for almost two decades. We are an independent insurance brokerage /consulting firm with extensive experience helping individuals and businesses find health insurance that meets their healthcare needs at a competitive price. IBA is a local, family-owned business that is the professional top company in the region. We specialize in individual and employer group plans, including Medicare. For more information you can call us at (919) 303-9690 Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM or visit us at

Affordable Group Health Insurance Plans North Carolina by IBA

Looking for Affordable Group health insurance plan in North Carolina? The Independent Benefit Advisors is a leading group health insurance company in North Carolina offers various types of affordable health insurance plans as per group and requirement. For more information you can call us at (919) 303-9690 Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM or visit us at

Group Health Insurance and Benefits in NC

Independent Benefit Advisors (IBA) can help you with a large range of group health insurance and group benefit options, including: Small Groups 2-49, Medium Groups 50-249, Large Groups 250+, Group Dental, Group Life, Group Disability, Worksite Benefits and Long-Term Care. We offer companies services such as group dental insurance and group life insurance in addition to group health insurance. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide to your company in North Carolina. Call us @ (919) 303-9690 or visit

Large, Medium, & Small Group Health Insurance NC

As an employer in you want to ensure that those working for you have the best group health insurance Greensboro NC has to offer. At the same time, you need to ensure that your group health insurance NC plan doesn’t break the bank. The Independent Benefit Advisors can help find affordable group health insurance plans Greensboro NC. Our trained Greensboro NC employee health insurance agents can find the perfect group benefits Greensboro NC for your company. Whether you operate a large, medium, or small sized business, a member of our team will work with you to understand the exact needs and budget of your company, and help you to select the best group benefits in Greensboro NC available. For more info. Visit at

Affordable Small Business Health Insurance Plans Greensboro NC

Are you an employer of 2-49 individuals in need of affordable small business health insurance Greensboro NC? The Independent Benefit Advisors are here for you with affordable group health insurance plans Greensboro NC. As a partner with most major insurance carriers, Independent Benefit Advisors will help you to choose from the best small business health insurance plans Greensboro NC for your company needs. With experience, knowledge, and superior customer service, Independent Benefit Advisors is the name to trust when you need affordable small business health insurance in Greensboro NC and surrounding areas. Read More.


Affordable & Best Group Benefits Plans in Wilmington NC

Finding the best affordable group benefit plans in Wilmington NC for your company’s needs and budget can be difficult. With the variety of group health insurance Wilmington NC options available, finding the right employee health insurance plan can be a task. Read More.

Employee and Group Health Plan Coverage in Wake Forest NC

As the owner of a business in Wake Forest, you face an important task: Finding the right coverage for your employees to provide competitive  coverage they need while remaining profitable. At Independent Benefit Advisors, we aren’t just trying to make a sale. Our goal is to help you find the customized solution that best fits the needs of you, your company, and all of the employees. Even if you already have a plan, we can consult with your business in Wake Forest to see if you are being provided the best benefits in terms of employee health coverage, and if it is at the best price. Read More.

Employee Benefit Plans In Durham NC

Selecting a group benefit plan for your business can is an important task and you want to make sure that your Durham, NC employees’ needs are met. Whether you currently have a provider or are in need of group benefits, Independent Benefit Advisors is here for you and your business needs. We are available to assist with group and employee health insurance plans, dental plans, life insurance plans, disability plans, and whatever other insurance and benefit plans your company and employees need. For more info. call +1 (919) 303-9690. Visit:


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